Miznco Organic Soy Sauce is naturally brewed and serves as a multi-purpose sauce to bring out savory and umami flavors in any dish.

Using Korean traditional fermentation technique that preserve nutrient and natural flavor of soy sauce.

Special recipe designed by Korean nutritionist with no colorings, MSG, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Mild & delicious soy sauce specially for kids.

Excellent with meat, fish, and vegetables, they can expand your cooking repertoire.

Organic Soy Sauce For Cooking (180ml)

What it's for: Broiling, stir-frying, steaming, marinating.  

Who it's for: Those who don’t want extra additives or chemicals in their soy sauce, and usually cook at home to eat healthier. 
Suitable for 8 months old & above.


Organic Soy Sauce For Dressing (180ml)

What it's for: Dressings & dipping.  

Who it's for: Those who don’t want extra additives or chemicals in their soy sauce, and prefer to have a distinctive taste on their cooked egg, porridge, salad or noodle-based dishes. Suitable for 8 months old & above.


JMLand Hygienic Roasted Sea Salt is thoughtfully made for our babies and children which contains turmeric powder, cabbage powder, mushroom powder, and spinach powder.

We made our salt in Korea using traditional Sun & Wind Dried harvesting method. Roasting in 800
˚ C to extract impurities. Approved by KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration), with Halal and HACCP certificated.

Hygienic Sea Salt 1_edited_edited.png

Hygienic Roasted Sea Salt (120g)

What it's for: Seasoning in foods, cooking, and for preserving food. 

Who it's for: Those who want to maintain a more alkaline pH in body, and want to plan nutritious meals for family.
​ Suitable for 12 months old & above.

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